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Welcome to Universal Explorer file manager for Windows 9x/2000/NT/ME/XP/7.

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Q: Is there any Linux version of Universal Explorer?

A: No, sorry.


Q: Can I read Outlook Express emails using UE?

A: No. But you can open mailbox files (.mbx) in UE Text Editor.


Q: It is possible to send file by email as attachment within UE? or can I transfer file using FTP?

A: No. We may add these feature in future versions.


Q: How do I make a new file folder?

A: Click "File - New - Folder" menu or press "CTRL+F2" key and UE will create folder with name "New Folder" , "New Folder1", "New Folder2" ....

In case, if you can't see newly created folder in file list/folder tree then scroll down with file list/folder tree or just press "F5" key for refresh.


Q: Is it possible to open data files like Lotus, DBase, Access, etc. in UE?

A: You can view dbase, paradox, foxpro data files in UE. Other formats are not supported yet.


Q: When viewing a file, any file, the preview opens a new window. If someone views 20 files there are 20 windows open. Is there a way to have all views open in the same window?

A: Yes. Go to "Preview - Multiple Instances" menu and uncheck it.



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